Unofficial Motion Picture Soundtrack
Music by Eckart Seeber. Cantori Sine Nomine of Los Angeles, Steven Gothold, conductor. Cristine Seeber, solo vocals.
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At the Pillars of Heracles

Atlantis MX

Dance of Atlantis

  This Unofficial Motion Picture Soundtrack about one of the world's most fascinating mysteries is inspired by the recent animated Hollywood motion picture. It incorporates the only surviving musical fragments of ancient Western civilization. This is a world fusion/soundtrack release that reaches thousands of years into the past to bring together the present with the only existing glimpses of antiquity. The CD features ethnic instruments, percussion, orchestral arrangements, vocals as well as choral sections.

Eckart Seeber has created soundtracks for various Hollywood movies, including "Bram Stoker's Shadowbuilder", which has won him great critical acclaim. This score was voted 8th best film score of 1998, and is available on CD from SONOVIDE.
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