Eckart Seeber: ECKLECTICA
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Back to the Savannah


Soweto Blues
  Drawing comparisons to Ennio Morricone and James Asher as well as Liszt, the music of ECKLECTICA blends tribal rhythms with symphonic orchestrations and traditional ethnic vocals through a variety of tempos and musical colors.

This phenominally deep and complex recording offers an eclectic musical journey influenced by African, Asian, Greek, Celtic and even Inuit cultures. This album explores familiar sounds in an innovative, deliberately eclectic manner that makes for an engaging and refreshing listening experience.

Instrumentation includes Chinese, South American and Japanese flutes; African reed pipe; Chinese gongs, Tibetan bells; guitars, Guinea sangba drums, djembe and other hand drums; keyboards; voices and wordless vocals such as Inuit throat singing, plain song, African vocalization (drawn from non-language chant sounds) and African choir.
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"... contains some of the best African inspired music since Hans Zimmer's 'The Power of One' soundtrack". (

"...powerful, very beautiful ...awesome vocals. Ecklectica is a diverse array of new age sounds, tribal beats, and powerful African singing ... a trip you won't want to miss." (Betsy MacDonald, More

"He gets a HIGHLY RECOMMENDED from us, especially for listeners who want to focus on the driving beats and high energy he generates with his musical visions." (Improvijazzation Nation)

"In the right hands a genre splicing world beat date can be a wonderful thing. These are the right hands. Seeber is an up and coming soundtrack ace ready to step out of the wings once Hans Zimmer makes a mis-step and claim his spot. Tasty, well textured work that covers a lot of ground but never lets any of the individual elements lose their flavors. Fun stuff for jaded world beat ears needing a new kick." Midwest Record Recap

"Smooth, 'hip' sound combinations deliver lively and enlivening ambience from a peaceful core ... World music influences are apparent (including African, Japanese, Latin, and indigenous cultures), but subtly inlaid. Rhythms drive most of them, but it's Seeber's artistic vocal track building that I found most intriguing. In some pieces he uses an array of recorded vowel/vocalization samples and reassembles them to fit the musical sensibilities required. Whenever he employs vocals, they exude a vital energy that perfectly complements the composition's overall texture. Some cuts, such as the culminating "Soul Mender", have a clear New Age feel. Others are World Fusion, unique combinations of ambient and trance, or a soulful sort of World Pop. All offer interesting and appealing substance." NAPRA ReView

"I have one word to say about ECKLECTICA: WOW!!!! Extraordinary Music. Wonderful." Louise Higman, WUOT-FM

"Excellent CD" David Shear, WSIA, Staten Island, NY
"Wonderful stuff. I'm loving it." Mark Caldwell, WAWL, Chattanooga, TN
"Very cool." Kelly Cole, KIFM, San Diego, CA
"I love it." Athlynn Tyler, WRAS-FM, Atlanta, GA

"I got this CD and am playing it over and over and over. To tell you the truth, I think it gets better the more you listen to it. This is one fantastic CD. A must-have! Great tribal singing and percussion! I love the multiple layers in this music. I am a fan of world beat music and innovative artists such as Enigma and the like. This CD is right at the top of my list of favorites. I can't wait for a follow-up album. Radio needs to play this Cd much more. Somebody make a stir, pleassssssse...." (Susan Patrick, Customer)
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