Bram Stoker's Shadowbuilder
Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
Music by Eckart Seeber. Vladimir Sirenko, Conductor
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The Chase

Town Theme

  Recorded with full orchestra and 80-voice chorus this critically acclaimed soundtrack by composer Eckart Seeber boasts music that emotes a whole gamut of emotions ranging from the serene to the intense, from the beautiful to the menacing.

The score is conducted by Vladimir Sirenko, who has been compared to several of today's best conductors, such as Simon Rattle and LA Philharmonic's Esa-Pekka Salonen. He has recorded many CDs and has toured Europe extensively. He has also appeared as a guest conductor with several American orchestras.

Soprano Soloist is
Cristine Seeber, an actor and singer. She appears on several CD's, including the new ATLANTIS: The Unofficial Motion Picture Soundtrack.

Victor Skoromny directs the Chorus of the State Radio Company of the Ukraine.

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An Interview with Eckart Seeber (An interview with the composer Eckart Seeber about his career and with specific references to the music to "Shadowbuilder") in FilmScore Monthly.

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Entertainment Newstime. for a very informative article about the movie and score.

You may also find helpful reviews of Seeber's score in a variety of other print magazines, such as the film and music magazine "Assault" from Switzerland, "The Hollywood Reporter", and others. For additional biographical and credit information on composer Eckart Seeber, please check out his official web site at
• Voted 8th best film score of 1998
by the international film music
journal FilmScore Monthly

"Eckart Seeber has been composing an engrossing
soundtrack for this film, greatly enhancing the film’s
impact, skillfully placing cues at critical points. The
film utilizes Orff-ish choir arrangements and thus
generates a tension packed atmosphere, just like
Jerry Goldsmith’s fabulous award winning score for
“The Omen” did back in 1976. Choir arrangements
of this style take a lot of practice and skill on the
composer’s and arranger’s end, and the performers
alike, and I was curiously surprised by the quality
of this one. Because religion is directly embedded
in the movie’s storyline, these choir themes work
great and give the score a big and ominous, almost
foreboding character .
(-Guido Henkel, DVD Review)

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