Music by Brian W. E. Johnson
Satva Music
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Wind Song

The Train

Empty Vessel

Ice Cream Pie
  Satva Music has been developed by Brian W. Johnson MSW, a well known Psychotherapist in Victoria, BC, Canada. As a composer he incorporates Ericksonian communication techniques into his music. For some the music will have a "healing" or a "gradual energizing" effect if listened to repeatedly over time. These unique and impactful pieces must be heard to be understood.

"Ice Cream Pie" is a selection of the original Satva Music set which has established a cult following in both Winnipeg and Victoria (Canada). Satva Music can be understood at different levels of meaning and that is what attracts people to that music. For some they will appreciate the Romantic style of these Love Songs and this is quite sufficient. However, if they play the pieces repeatedly and listen carefully they will become aware of more than they were able to appreciate initially. People have repeatedly reported that the themes stay with them and surface during dreams and/or intense personal experience. In addition, listeners are fascinated when they begin to recognize that the pieces are inter-connected and that the Satva Music sets work together and have a level of meaning which can only be fully appreciated when they are absorbed together. This is a fascinating experience of assimilation and when this begins to occur, listeners become more attached to this music.

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