I Turn To You
Nathan Gomez

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    "Contemporary Christian Singer Nathan Gomez is not only a performer ... he sings of his faith to inspire others" - All Music Guide

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Is It You, Lord?

God Needs You Now

In Christ Alone

The Warrior Is A Child
  Powerful renditions of two Dove Award winning songs ("In Christ Alone" and "More Than Wonderful") are included on this album along with other Christian hits and new original songs by the artist. I TURN TO YOU is the debut album of Southern California singer/songwriter Nathan Gomez, and in his own words, it's his story and message of hope.

Other songs on the album include "Because of Who You Are", "Doubly Good To You", "Arms of Love" by Amy Grant, Michael W. Smith and Gary Chapman, and "The Warrior is a Child" by Twila Paris. The CD starts off with the rousing "Lord, I Praise You" by Nathan Gomez and Kevin Bowers, which sets the mood for this album. Other songs by the artist featured on this CD are "Is It You, Lord?", the title track "I Turn to You", "Just Knowing You Still Love Me", and "God Needs You Now".

Nathan Gomez will be touring Southern California in support of his release this Fall and Spring 2003. For touring information, please check out the On Tour page.

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